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The ABCs of COVID19 – A NWI COVID-19 Community Resource

In medicine, we’re taught the basic “ABC’s” for a patient: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Approach things systematically & even the most complex patient can be managed well.

As a Christ follower, I often go back to the basics that Jesus gave us: love God & love your neighbor.

How do we apply that to this pandemic?

  1. Love God. Trust Him. The depth of our love for God is often displayed by our faith in Him. He is not caught off guard by this. He is not pacing: He is sitting on His throne. He works on behalf of those who wait on Him (Is. 64:4-5). Fix your eyes on Jesus. Plant your feet in His Truth. Anchor your soul in Him. Choose faith over fear. Do not fear for He is with you (look up the hundreds of verses about that!). Psalm 91!
  2. Love your neighbor. If you know me at all, you know I love traveling. So hear me out when I implore you: please avoid traveling right now. Cancel your trip, avoid public places, & please stay home. There’s data on “flattening the curve” aka decreasing the # of people infected—the best tool we have right now is quarantine. There is no cure. But there is prevention. If you’re healthy, praise God…& please stay home—don’t risk traveling & spreading germs even if you’re unaffected. “Sacrifice” your outing & protect the group.

If you’re sick—here’s where the ABC’s come in. If you can’t talk or breathe, seek medical care asap. If you have a fever or cough, call your doctor. If you‘re stable to recover at home, you’ll likely be asked to do so. If you have a non-urgent issue, reschedule if able.

Please pray for your medical team. I heard Dr. Kent Brantly say in his #IUSM graduation speech that we’re entering a profession where when everyone else runs away from the problem, we run towards it. I held on to those words & here we are living it.

Airway: talk to each other. Breathing: inhale, exhale, repeat. Circulation: spread kindness & meet each other’s needs.

Choose calm > chaos, faith > fear, worship > worry. Rest knowing the King is on His throne.


Roshini Selladurai, Christ follower and physician on thee frontlines for #COVID19