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Tips for Learning at Home – A NWI COVID-19 Community Resource
A local teacher put together some tips for learning at home during the COVID-19 stay at home order. Check out these helpful suggestions.

1. Start the day with prayer. Pray over assignments, teachers, work and for God to bring peace, understanding, and diligence in their schoolwork.
2. Set a timer: Have so many minutes set aside to complete a task and then be done with it. If your child gets it done in that allotted time, celebrate or create some type of incentive or chart at home to earn stickers. If they don’t get it finished in a set time, put it down and return to it another time or day.
3. Take frequent breaks! Walk your dog, sing a song, journal, color, blow bubbles, dance. something to get up and get moving. The students have many breaks at school and need that built into their day at home. Set up a schedule if you can or you can make a brain break jar and have your child pick something to do each time they need a break.
4.  Break down assignments. If some assignment has 20 problems, have your child do 8 and come back to it later. Manage work in small increments so your child can reach their goals in quick tangible ways.
5.  There will be times where you and your child might not understand an assignment and that’s o.k. Email the teacher if you need further explanation or look to see if you find any videos online that can explain it in a better way. Do your best and then leave the rest!
6. Walk away from school work, no literally, walk away. IF you feel like you and your child are getting stressed or overwhelmed just stop doing the work. It’s ok..
Don’t feel like you have to get everything done a certain way or on time. Do what works best for your family and their schedule.
 7. All teachers are in the same boat. This is rough and we don’t expect you to be the same as your child’s teacher. Just tell your child you are both working and learning together in a new way and that this needs to be a team effort.  Don’t argue, bribe, or punish. Your child just needs to be and have fun and their health and well-being is the utmost importance during this time. No one is going to get in trouble for not teaching their child the correct way to do two digit math with regrouping.
8.  Before you start an assignment, see what your child already knows about it. They may remember something from school that they can teach you or their siblings.
9. For some cases that need extra motivation, you might want to create.a behavior chart. Pick 2-3 goals you want your child to do each day and use a reward system, like stickers, candy, extra privileges, etc. to motivate them to get work done neatly and accurately.
10. Finally, give yourself some grace. You were called to be their parent not their school teacher. Have fun re-learning things from childhood or learning new things. Give your child space to make mistakes and learn from them. Above all, continue to love and encourage them through this time, because your child needs your support, prayers, love, and sense of safety and comfort now more than ever.